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Green Archer 2

Green Archer 2 - Enjoy playing this game at the Comfort of your Home !

Green Archer 2 is bow shooting game. You are in role of a young Archer who is issued on his way to glory. You must prove yourself worthy enough to get higher score. In this game you need to shoot arrows with a bow. Try to gain highest score in order to succeed in shooting tournaments. Have fun!

Controls of the Game

You only need your [MOUSE] to control in this game. So you can put aside your keyboard, lean back & relax.

Tips and Tricks to own at this game

Shooting RED grants 250 Points

Shooting Yellow grants 125 Points

Shooting Blue grants 50 Points

Shooting Gray/White grants 25 Points

game review

Green Archer 2 was really fun game to play. If you like arrows and bows this game will be perfect for you. In the other hand, its very close to real simulation of bows and arrows, well kinda. You have few options before you make your shot. You have to aim, you have to adjust height of arrows and where its gonna drop. So overall its really fun game to play as I said. So you will have much fun with it. Good luck!